We selected BigMarker™ to virtually bring our Global Conference to you.

This browser-based platform was chosen because of its features, reliability, and usability.

Our conference will be comprised of multiple sessions to help you make the most of your virtual experience.

Session types include:

  • Scheduled presentations
    Pre-recorded presentations that focus on the results of research and new features in software. These presentations will be shown at specific times and include live chat capabilities with HTRI staff. A live Question & Answer will follow each presentation.
  • On-demand presentations
    Pre-recorded presentations that are available to view prior to the conference, and are not included in the scheduled presentations. While watching the recordings, viewers can submit comments and questions, which will be addressed in the corresponding Poster or Software Demo session.
  • Posters
    Multiple live sessions, held concurrently in separate virtual rooms, to share valuable and detailed insights about ongoing research, software initiatives, and more. Live chat and Question & Answer will be available.
  • Software demos
    Demonstrations that highlight current software capabilities and preview upcoming releases. Live chat and Question & Answer will be available.

Conference fee: US$295

Check out teaser videos below for selected presentations!

(Expand to full screen for best viewing)