Sessions Now Available

For a limited time only, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to view the sessions from the original 2021 Virtual Global Conference held September 20-October 12.

The conference fee of US$295.00 includes access to 15 technical presentations available as On-Demand Sessions, all posted summaries and slides, and ability to connect with speakers and attendees through the online platform.

Registration is open until December 23, 2021 and gives you access through December 31.

The following sessions will be available:

Challenges in improving kettle circulation modelLiDong Huang
Digital transformation using HTRI SmartPM™: Case studies at ENEOS Group refineriesEdward Ishiyama
Lessons learned: Acoustic vibration screening: Beyond Xist®Kevin Farrell
New features in Xchanger Suite®Fred Hendrix
Practical fluid modeling in Xchanger Suite®: Theory, recommendations, and practical examplesPatrick Redmill
Lessons learned: Beware of TEMA clearances for small high-effectiveness heat exchangersAndy Mountford
Progress toward development of fouling simulationAbigail Meza
Quantifying two-phase maldistribution in front header of full-scale air-cooled heat exchangerBrandon White
Fan blockage effects on performance of forced-draft API air coolersSyed Haq
Improving A-frame exchanger modeling in Xace®Salem Bouhairie
Research update: Impact of precursor depletion on crude oil foulingAaron Smith
Multicomponent condensation: Modeling challenges in commercial softwareMohammad Hawila
Robert evaporators: Introduction and modeling approachPeter Joosten
Observations of high-effectiveness heat exchangersKevin Farrell
Vacuum shellside condensation with low-finned tubesMohammad Hawila