Check-in begins at 8:00 AM. Courses run from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

Course fees include arrival tea/coffee, lunches and snacks at breaks and training materials (workbooks, solutions booklets, and electronic copies of the case files). Computers with Xchanger Suite are available for use during the training event. Computers may be shared with other attendees.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Special Topics in Xace Short Course (US$650)

Improve your understanding of the methods in Xace and develop new skills to model difficult cases. This short course focuses on improving thermal predictions, interpreting results, troubleshooting cases and applying workarounds. Even the most experienced thermal designers will gain new insight into how to improve thermal analyses using Xace.

Case studies may include:

  • Rating natural draft (fans-off) cases
  • Improving accuracy of predicted driver power
  • Modeling units with redundancy fans (3×50% fans)
  • Multiple service units
  • Inert blanketing in air-cooled condensers

Suggested Participants

Experienced Xace users who rate, design and troubleshoot air-cooled heat exchangers.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Special Topics in Xist Short Course (US$650)

This short course moves beyond the fundamentals of thermal design to focus on specific design challenges associated with a range of service types. Presented as a series of case studies, each topic is introduced by the instructor before participants delve into Xist to work on solutions which are ultimately discussed amongst the group. The knowledge attained from this short course will allow you to tackle related design challenges in your future work.

Case studies may include:

  • Viscous shellside coolers
  • Feed-effluent exchangers
  • Kettle reboilers
  • Vacuum condensers
  • Falling film evaporators

Suggested Participants

Experienced Xist users who troubleshoot cases and evaluate shell-and-tube exchanger performance