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Course fees include arrival tea/coffee, lunches and snacks at breaks and training materials (workbooks, solutions
booklets, and electronic copies of the case files). Computers with Xchanger Suite are available for use during the training event. Computers may be shared with other attendees.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Condensers Short Course (US$650)

Instructor: Andy Mountford

Learn the fundamentals of condensation mechanisms and how they apply to condenser design! Apply guidelines to develop Xchanger Suite cases for accurate assessment of performance. This course provides a foundation for understanding the basis for thermal design of typical industrial heat exchangers.

Key Topics

  • Film condensation of pure components
  • Relationship between pressure drop and saturation temperature
  • Condensing flow regimes: Vertical units/Horizontal units, tube side and shell side
  • Specifying pure component condensers in Xist
  • Noncondensables and mixture condensation
  • Specifying mixture condensers and inerts in Xist
  • Vapor phase coefficient
  • Desuperheating and subcooling
  • Bulk-equilibrium vs. two-layer subcooling model
  • Venting inerts
  • Drainage
  • Baffle design in condensers
  • Condensation with enhanced heat transfer surfaces
  • Vacuum condenser design challenges
Suggested Participants

Engineers who design and evaluate condenser equipment


  1. Pure Component Condensation
    • Filmwise condensation
    • Pressure drop vs. saturation temperature
    • Condensing flow regimes

  2. Noncondensables and Mixture Condensation
    • Vapor-phase coefficient
    • Diffusion function

  3. Desuperheating and Subcooling
    • Dry-wall vs. wet-wall desuperheating
    • Bulk equilibrium vs. two-layer subcooling model

  4. Design Considerations
    • Is it clean? Is it vented? Is it drained?
    • Baffle design
    • Enhanced surfaces
    • Vacuum condenser design challenges

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thermosiphon Reboilers Short Course (US$650)

Instructor: Andy Mountford

This short course is dedicated to the discussion of thermosiphon reboilers. Model thermosiphons in Xist using detailed guidelines for piping and fluid property specification. Investigate thermosiphon operational issues and learn how to screen for these using Xist. This course provides a checklist for future design review.

Key Topics
  • Common types of distillation column reboiler
  • Once-through vs. recirculating thermosiphon reboilers
  • Vertical vs. horizontal configurations
  • Modeling thermosiphons in Xist
  • Piping and fluid property specification
  • Operational issues
  • Modeling turndown operation
Suggested Participants

Engineers who design, rate or troubleshoot thermosiphon reboilers


  1. Reboiler Equipment
    • Types of reboilers
    • Advantages and disadvantages of each

  2. Modeling Thermosiphons
    • Activating the thermosiphon logic in Xist
    • Piping specification
    • Guidelines for fluid properties and heat release specification
    • Overview of pressure drop calculations

  3. Operational Issues
    • Overview of wet-wall and dry-wall boiling methods
    • Typical thermosiphon reboiler operational problems
    • HTRI thermosiphon reboilers checklist
    • Modeling turndown operation